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Accepting YouSillyYou requests. Please submit:

1) Funny headshot photo (IMPORTANT: High-resolution, full face, at least 300kb and up). SMALL-SCALE AND LOW-RESO PHOTOS WILL BE IGNORED.

2) (Must be an) Original witty quotation (preferably with moral lesson, e.g., "Love is a decision. Mayroon tayong free will, gamitin natin ito" -- Ernest Malonzo, 2010). AGAIN, ORIGINAL AND WITTY.

3) Your real name (minus your middle name)

4) Two occupations (a. real one b. made-up). TAKE NOTE, JUST TWO.

5) And to wrap it up, help me promote the project. Repost the photos onto your Facebook account. Then follow this tumblr site and reblog your favorite entry. It will be greatly appreciated :)

Email requirements to YouSillyYou@gmail.com

Master pornstar superintendent

September 9, 2011Today’s Pick: Patay tayo d’yan!”Kung ang tunay na lalake ay walang abs, sa bakla na nga ata ako babagsak.”Therese Jeanne BelarminoEspesyalista sa inspection, Laitera

September 9, 2011

Today’s Pick: Patay tayo d’yan!
”Kung ang tunay na lalake ay walang abs, sa bakla na nga ata ako babagsak.”

Therese Jeanne Belarmino
Espesyalista sa inspection, Laitera

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